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IT Workshop

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Organizational Development Workshop Example Module (Template)

IT workshop
Do you have difficulty develop and using spreadsheets? Can you create diagrams based on data contained in a spreadsheet? Are you going to collaborate on an international project with partners based in another country? This training will develop your basic IT skills and leave your head free for the project. (some kind of text like this in here)

Subject: IT Skills Training
Target groups: Artists, Creative and Cultural Professions, Trainers/Coaches, Advisors
Sectors: for all sectors of the performing arts, for both managers and artists
Level of experience: for all levels, Beginners, Intermediary, Experienced
Prerequisites: completed IT survey to assess level of competence

Description: During this workshop we will…blah blah

Contents: (must be defined)
Word processing/desktop publishing
Web browsing
Online research
Social, legal and ethical issues

Method: Active methodology, putting the accent on the participants’ inputs and giving them the possibility to exchange among peers. Practice exercises based on real situations encountered in the field blah blah
Objectives: acquire a good working knowledge of how to use all the important features of your computers word processing and spreadsheet programs blah blah
Results: ability build and manipulate spreadsheets blah blah.
Personal Resources: Basic equipment (computer, word processing programs)
Technical Requirements for Course: video projector, flipchart, wifi)
Examination: short 30 minute online test???
Evaluation: Questionnaire to be filled out by the participants after the course.
Duration: 9h
Participants: up to 20
Course language – English
Trainer: Anita Antònió