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Module 01:
Artistic Main Instrument I (Mbira)

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Learning Outcome:

The students will know how to tune the Nyunga Nyunga and Nhare mbiras and understand how an electronic pick-up system works. The will learn all the basic modes on the Mbira as well as the triads and sevenths and learn how to apply them in a song and how to read mbira notation. They will apply the techniques in an ensemble using mbira, hosho and vocals. They will be able to apply the techniques they have studied in their main instrument classes and the core curriculum. They will understand traditional musical form including intros, the different interlocking parts – Kushaura, Kutsinhira (Kudaira) and Mahongera (Mazembera) as well as vocal techniques like Huro and Mhururu. They will be able to play and hold interlocking parts in an arrangement. They will be able to understand the form of a song and be able to play from a lead sheet in the ensemble using both instruments.

Module Description:

This Module has a duration of 2 semesters and consists of two courses, Main Instrument I and Ensemble IA. The contact teaching time for each course is 90 minutes per week and is evaluated through a graded test at the end of the second semester (short concert, repertoire and technical exercises).


  • Emmanuel Mujuru

Total Credit Points: 20