Do you know what a credit point is or how to calculate study work loads? If you don’t this course will help you understand the accreditation process.

  • Subject: Accreditation
  • Target groups: School Management (Directors, Administrators, Artistic Directors, Teachers)
  • Sectors: for all sectors of the performing arts, for both managers and artists
  • Level of experience: for all levels
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Description: This module provides an in depth insight into how to develop the documentation for accreditation and which documents are necessary. The regulatory system is dealt with in depth as well as how to develop the curriculum, calculate the study workload, assign credits points accordingly as well as writing module descriptions and learning outcomes.
  • Contents:
    1. Statutes
    2. Study Regulations
    3. Examination Regulations
    4. Admissions and Enrollment Regulations
    5. Appointment Procedures
    6. Credit Points, Modules, Module Descriptions
    7. Calculating Study Workloads
  • Method: Using prepared templates participants will be guided through each step in the process
  • Objectives: acquire a good working knowledge of how to develop the accreditation
  • Results: a final set of documents to be used by the participants to begin the accreditation process
  • Personal Resources: computer, word processing programs
  • Examination: short 20 minute online test
  • Evaluation: Questionnaire to be filled out by the participants after the course.
  • Duration: 9h
  • Participants: up to 20
  • Course language – English
  • Trainer: Will Ramsay