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2017 Capacity Building Workshop – Kampala

28th April – 07th May 2017
1st Organizational Development Workshop

The first intensive training workshop will be staged to develop the capacity of the partner organizations to integrate the training programs for youth in the Arts into their activities in their countries.

The 9 day workshop will include intensive IT training as well as courses on content management, managing social media, music school administration, accreditation, setting up and running a sustainable social enterprise.

Two employees responsible for the project management in each partner country will be attending the training which will take place parallel to the East African Performing Arts Market (DOADOA) in Uganda (3. – 6. May 2017)

This will enable the partners to develop a strong organizational network for exchanging best practices and developing both national and inter-regional project ideas.

In the first workshop the participants will learn how to develop their organizational structure bearing in mind the technical requirements for accreditation from their home countries (statutes, study regulations, exam regulations, admission requirements, appointment procedures) using prepared templates. Using this framework, they will develop and learn how to use an integrated system of office management for their programs which will comply with the requirements for accreditation under the TVET system in each country.

The partners will also research and develop the system requirements for the development of a Computer Based Enterprise Resource Planning Program for non-formal music school administration designed for use in youth training.

In addition, the workshops will include personal development training for the project program managers.

This will include exchanging best practices, training in project development, fund raising, marketing and developing ideas for regional cooperation.

Because of the proximity to East African Performing Arts Market (DOADOA) the participants will be required to present the project ideas developed in the course of the training allowing the participants to gain experience in marketing their ideas. DOADOA is a unique platform bringing together performing arts professionals in East African music industry every year (managers, music education, marketing, festivals, record labels etc.).

This will allow them to develop new ideas expand their networking opportunities, gain insight into new opportunities in the industry and develop inter-regional projects to disseminate the results of the project throughout the region.