19.02. - 28.02.2020
2020 – The Business Development Workshop

23 participants, business mentors and trainers from the 6 partners in the consortium plus 8 external participants from the network in Southern Africa.

The first two days focussed on the development of the Business Models with the partners working in their groups to develop their ideas using the canvas model with the assistance of their business mentors. The were led through this by Belisa Rodrigues assisted by Faisal Kiwewa.

On the evening of the second day Will Ramsay presented a grant line from the German Ministry of Co-operation and Development (BMZ) in the lead up to the start of the Grant Writing Workshop on the following day.

On the third and fourth days the participants focussed on putting their ideas, developed with canvasizer into a concrete business idea using a template business plan in the morning sessions with the assisted by their business mentors. Belisa Rodrigues assisted by Faisal Kiwewa led the process.

In the afternoon sessions the Grant Writing workshop began with grant writing expert, Rudolf Netzelman. The participants went through the entire process focussing on the log frame and how to develop and structure a grant idea.

The evening of the third day was devoted to discussing draft Child Protection and Sexual Abuse policies and the templates provided were revised by the participants. This child protection session was led by Eka Neumann while the Sexual Abuse session was led by Islam Elbeiti.

The evening of the fourth day was used to present a Music School Administration System called Classter. This was led by Will Ramsay with the online participation of a representative of Classter.

After the Off-Day the participants continued working on the business plan in the morning sessions and they began transferring the plan into a template cash flow sheet assisted by their business mentors. This process took three days was led by Belisa Rodrigues assisted by Simon Marburg how worked with them on the cash flow sheets.

In the afternoon sessions they continued working on grant writing and were divided into groups by the trainer to work on developing a grant idea using the tools they had learned. These grant ideas were then presented in the last grant writing session using the fishbowl technique.

In the evening session on the fifth day the mentors worked together with the participants to develop a concept linking business hubs to the network. On the evening of the sixth day a network session took place to discuss how to develop the network further and a start was made in developing a concept to deal with new countries wishing to enter the network and what the criteria could be for entry into the network.

The evening session on the seventh day was devoted to discussing ideas of how to design and implement the advocacy forum which was the last grant activity in Berlin at the end of the project.

Day 8 was devoted to the preparation of the advocacy forums in Africa. This including learning how to develop a pitch deck using the materials worked on in the workshop. These sessions were lead by Islam Elbeiti with assistance from one of the business mentors, Alfred Cuando. Each partner worked on a draft pitch deck.

Finally the ninth day was devoted to a presentation of each of the pitch decks to the audience of participants. After each presentation the quality of the presentation was discussed by the participants and the trainers and suggestions were made as to how to improve them.

The Workshop closed with a concert in the garden of the academy given by musicians from the Action Music Academy.