Project Formats

The Global Music Campus network has developed several project formats since 2009.

Teacher Training and Curriculum Development Workshops

The Global Music Campus started off in 2012 with an intensive workshop format varying from 15 to 23 days in length combining curriculum development with teacher training including coaching by experts and guardians of culture culminating in a final public performance by the participants.

Since 2015 several additional formats have been developed:

Ongoing Teacher Training

Regular weekly training between the main campuses in the form of peer teaching between the teacher trainees in all aspects of the curriculum.

Promotional workshops

These workshops are held in partner countries using a short 5 day format to promote and publicize the Campus activities and identify potential trainers for the program.

Organizational Development Workshops

The need to develop the organizational capacity of the partners led to the development of a workshop format for directors and administrators incorporating intensive training in IT skills, content management, music school administration, financial administration, evaluation, accreditation, networking and developing a sustainable social enterprise.

Documentation Workshops

Intensive workshops to teach the trainee teachers how to capture and document their music traditions using audio and video and developing new curriculum out of this.