Global Music Academy – Germany

Global Music e.V., Germany has many years of experience in curriculum development and teacher training on the African continent in partnership with the Global Music Academy (GMA) in Berlin. The GMA is an innovative centre for the study of the musical cultures of the world offering non-formal music education and workshops in music from many different culture areas with an international teaching staff. The Global Music e.V. has been working on developing an international network of partners to develop new curriculum for the promotion and dissemination of oral music cultures around the world since 2009. The Global Music e.V. started developing the Global Music Campus in 2009 with support from the German Foreign Office. In 2012 the Southern African Campus started in partnership Music Crossroads International with support from the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, the Siemens Foundation, the Goethe-Institut and the GIZ. To date the Global Music e.V. has conducted 8 training campuses in Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Ethiopia.

The Global Music e.V. is currently developing a new campus concept in Sri Lanka together with the Sri Lankan Ministry of Education and other institutional partners on the island in co-operation with the Goethe-Institut in Sri Lanka and a pilot will be launched in August 2017 with participation from Sri Lanka and Pakistan. This Campus will focus on South Asian music traditions. In 2018 it is planned to expand the Campus to include Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

The Global Music e.V. is committed to the preservation and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions and the development of new curricula and teaching methods to enable this. In 2017 it will conduct the first research and documentation project in Zimbabwe with a grant from the Kulturerhalt program of the German Foreign Office. The project will capture the drum rhythms of Chiweshe and the Mbira/Sungura guitar styles on film and new teaching materials will be developed in this pilot documentation training project.

The Global Music Academy is developing a degree program with an innovative new curriculum from its base in Kreuzberg, Berlin where it will offer programs in Modal Music Cultures (North Africa, Asia Minor, South and Central Asia), Southern Transatlantic Music Cultures (Africa, South America, Caribbean) and Northern Transatlantic Music Cultures (Europe and North America).

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