Music Crossroads Academy – Mozambique

Music Crossroads Mozambique is an arts and culture organization which for the past years has fueled creativity, innovation and cultural diversity for the youth through Music.

Due to its diversity, the organization today is regarded as a hub that has nurtured talented musicians who have made it big in the Mozambican music industry; the likes of Kapa Dech, Nfithe, Banda Kakana, Timbila Muzimba, Deltino Guerreiro, Nikolas Goza and Assa Matusse.

As a youth organization, we have reached a large audience in Southern Africa through the various activities such as festivals; and workshops aimed at enhancing the knowledge of all stakeholders in the sector. We strive to address issues affecting the youth such as female empowerment, poverty, education, disability and early child marriages using music as a tool for change.

The establishment of the Music Crossroads Academies in 2013 has contributed immensely to the development of the music sector in Mozambique. The dynamic Professional Certificate Program has seen the academy grooming teachers with quality skills and enrolling about 120 students with success stories.

Recently the addition of Children and adult classes has also brought more diversity to our program as we are trying to cater for all members of the society.

Our unique regional and international youth exchange program MOVE also continues to bridge the gaps within the region and abroad bringing about cross-cultural skills and global networking among the young musicians.