Because of the massive impact that Covid 19 the Global Music e.V. applied for and won a digitalisation grant under the Neustart Kultur programme set up by the Culture Foundation of the Federal States of Germany (Kulturstiftung die Länder) in response to the Covid 19 pandemic.

This has enabled the consortium to develop a Learning Management System called Moodle. The content development in the first phase of this digitalisation project has now been completed and the test phase is beginning with the first online Campus which is currently taking place in Southern Africa in co-operation with Music Crossroads International.

The new Moodle platform will revolutionize the work of the network. We will now be able to develop a hybrid learning system combining live training with online learning. This will enable us to teach throughout the year and monitor the progress of the trainees much more efficiently.

In the medium term, each of the academies will be given separate access through their own portal where they can manage their own students and also conduct distance learning programs for students living elsewhere in their countries.

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