Artistic: Main Instrument I
🎹 Module 01 – Piano / Keyboards

Learning Outcome:

The students will be able to play all the Ionian modes with correct fingerings and the correct technique with two hands.

They will be able to play all their triads in all inversions, as well as triad combinations in half steps, whole steps, thirds and fourths and alternating major and minor triad pairs and read the exercises in the piano curriculum.

They will be able to practice using a metronome.

They will be able to apply the modes and triads to simple tunes, read simple chord progressions and simple bass and treble clef on a piano stave.

In the ensemble class they will learn to apply the techniques learnt on their instrument in ensemble playing.

They will be able to understand the form of a song and be able to play from a lead sheet in the ensemble.

Module Description:

This Module has a duration of 2 semesters and consists of two courses, Main Instrument I and Ensemble IA. The contact teaching time for each course is 90 minutes per week and is evaluated through a graded test at the end of the second semester (short concert, repertoire and technical exercises).


  • Abiy Woldemariam

Total Credit Points: 20