Professional Certificate
Curriculum Year 2

The second year of curriculum is designed as a follow up to the foundation year which provides a solid basis for more advanced studies culminating in a Professional Certificate in Music.

On your Major Instrument you will develop your instrumental and vocal techniques to a more advanced level and begin to explore artistic expression. You will also expand your repertoire through ensemble playing. In the music theory courses you will learn harmonic and modal concepts and how to apply them (9th, 11th, 13th, suspended chords and 6/9 chords) and develop your musical literacy further through the intensive rhythmic and melodic reading and writing program. All this with a strong focus on your own music culture.

You will learn how to use a computer based music notation program and take courses in Music Business and Self Management.

At the end of the second year will be well prepared to continue their studies in greater depth or to begin looking for work as a music teacher and performer.

The second year of the new curriculum is divided into four broad sections.

  1. Major Instrument

The major instrument is comprised of one module containing artistic main instrument/voice lessons and ensemble courses.

  1. Minor Instrument

The minor instrument is comprised of one module containing keyboard harmony and rhythmic training courses to impart essential skills to assist the student to develop a more advanced harmonic and rhythmic sense on their main instrument or voice.

  1. Music Theory

Music theory is comprised of two modules, a harmony module containing harmony and ear training courses and a music reading module containing rhythmic and melodic reading and writing courses. These courses are intended to give the students the necessary skills to understand more advanced harmonic theory and learn how to read more advanced music notation.

  1. Key Competencies

This area is comprised of two modules containing courses in music software notation, music business and career planning/marketing.

Study Program

Overview Curriculum Year 2

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Links to the Modules:

Module 02: Major Instrument II by Instrument
Module 04: Minor Instrument II
Module 07: Harmony / Ear Training II
Module 08: Rhythmic / Melodic Reading & Writing II
Module 10: Music Notation Software
Module 11: Music Industry