Artistic: Minor Instrument II
🎹 Module 04

Module Description:

This Module has a duration of 2 semesters and consists of two courses, Keyboard Harmony II and Rhythmic Training II (Body Percussion). The contact teaching time for each course is 90 minutes per week and is evaluated through graded practical exams at the end of each semester. Total Credit Points: 8 Learning

Learning Outcome:

  • The students will be able to voice chords extensions up to the 13th on minor 7 chords, 7th chords, major 7 chords, half-diminished 7 and suspended chords, 6th chords and 6/9 chords in progressions using 4 and 5 part voicings with good voice-leading.
  • They will be able to voice chords stacked in thirds as well as in fourths.
  • They will be able to write these progressions correctly using the staff notation system with the correct voicings.
  • They will develop advanced rhythmic independence in both binary and ternary including the ability to execute advanced rhythmic modulations while clapping and reciting additional rhythms.

Total credit points: 8